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tv   [untitled]    March 19, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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dumbing anybody it's a serious issue. you are scared. you are talking little bit little bit no. you need an intelligent smart guy more smart than hube r give me the power i'll show you how to stop huber if you don't know i'll show you how to stop the illegal limosines i will show you how to stop it but you don't have the brains here. it's not a joke it's serious. i have a plan and we will stop them you please get out of your seats and do something. the others are hurt very badly. thank you. applause. >> bill mo u.n. dsey david
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besada. >> how do you follow that? any way i'm a taxi driver in san francisco i've been a taxi driver for 24 years and i have enough experience belief me you people do not get on the street. you think you know how the cab industry works you don't i promise you you don't. this business is out of control with uber you know nothing about these people nothing and they thrive there's even people picking up people in their private cars now. i see them stop and ask them where they want to go nothing is done nothing and we myself i am making less than half the money i used to make a year or two ago less than half. applause. and it's less than minimum wage. are you guys going to
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make up the money? no. you are not going to do anything you really don't care. listen to the cab drivers. they know. i'm up from medallion i can buy one in the next month i don't know if i'm going to buy one i'm not going to make enough money to pay for it unless something is done about this. if i can't buy one -- i'll have to start working for somebody else that can't find drivers. they would rather drive for uber because they can make more money i know somebody right now who has a cab medalion and an limosene please
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pay attention i know you really don't care none of you. you don't care what we say. you are going to do what you want to do. it's un believable the way you treat cab drivers in this city i wish you would hurry up and make some real decisions. thank you applause . >> david besada,. >> i have something different than what you have heard i just finished writing a book and it will be published soon one copy i have i have here the research that i have done it's about the appendix for something about
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exposure about the -- well it's an administrative code from the mba and i have a copy from my book about your organization and nowhere in my research does it say that you are authorizing the limo to operate and the next one -- what's the exposure? where by it says the public has to be informed about the any government under taking . >> well it's right here. i can
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no longer -- i urge you to take my book. you might see yourself in that book. it will be published soon. it's undergoing editing that's all i can say applause. >> thank you, sir. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon board. 17 year veteran driving cabs i'm a little nervous. mostly because i'm angry and my anger stems from the path that the across crossroad of the path that we've come to now in the cab industry. there are so many drivers here today i have not seen as many drivers here i don't think in months since
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last year yeah we get stirred up when the word comes around that there's going to be medalions issued yes we're struggling with the transportation services -- as drivers maybe we made a mistake maybe we should have had a union at some point -- this is our unified voice right now this is the best that we're offering we are not happy we are losing money and the management of the companies are here i don't know how they are filling their cabs all the companies have stick ers saying they need more drivers this comes down to public safety. side car i thought had a cease and desist order i understand -- is regulated by the state i
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also understand that you regulate the cab industry adding cabs is not an option at this time it's out of the question due to the circumstances i'm surrounded by -- i used to be surrounded by cabs we're regulated we're paying our dues paying our fees we are upset and we deserve a proper -- i just implore you to hold off on having more cabs and listen to us today and make adjustments thank you for your time thanks applause. >> mohammed -- [inaudible]. >> good afternoon i start to work yellow cab last november and new guy and cab companies
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mostly 8 thousand cabs sometimes for airport but i -- other guys pickup from the airport and need to change these rules. many drivers want it yeah and secondly church street i got one week two tickets and even i wasn't there the time it was issued citation , they said the ticket and i protest they said me at the time citation issued i was in another place i don't understand why this -- taxi cab cannot drop off and pickup from that spot because they have
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drive way but they are all full of limosines stops we don't have room thank you. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. so i'm here actually to say something about mta that actually gives all those rules so mta makes all those rules and actually doesn't have any obligations to our cab drivers whatsoever you know like people who have really good salary with benefits and everything making the rules for someone that the people are trying to make a minimum wage and really with more cabs out on the street and mta should fight this so
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instead of focusing on that help us a little bit to get through and you know do our job because the people get up 4 in the morning and go out there to make money and so we just try to make up our living so that's all i want to say you know i hope the mta will focus on the right issues to help cab drivers to get to not to complicate more and make more rules every single rule costs the cab driver literally money that's about it. >> thank you, sir next speaker please? >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon board of directors veteran's cab driving a cab over 8 years in san francisco i understand this is for comment not on today's agenda so 2 things i'd like to talk about one is the back seat credit card terminals and i'd like to share an anecdote so
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i'm cruising you are coming up the hill at baker and some guy makes a left right in front of me bank bam head on collision bam the cab is destroyed ambulance is called whole 9 yards. passenger behind me hits his face bam on the credit card terminal doesn't hit the soft head rest breaks his nose blood spurting every where. is this the price we're paying so that their firm can get a little more percentage on these credit card fees? applause.
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the passenger has a broken nose blood spurting every where i'm covering the terminal now with something soft god forbid something happens again so that's that. the other thing i want to talk about is lift drivers man give me a break you know give me a break. this is crazy. i ended up going on a cupid date a couple weeks ago i like hot girls what am i to say so i go to, alameda beach turns out the girl is a lift driver need less to say nobody gets laid on this date [laughter] the point being she's 24, 25
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it's not her car it's her step dad's car and she doesn't even own the car and she's driving around with a pink mustache in the front of it and that's what's going on and that's what needs to stop thank you applause. >> next speaker please. >> hi my name is -- i've been driving a cab in the city since 2000 i've been on the waiting list for about the same time i'm totally against adding any new to the city whether it's five medalions or fifty it doesn't matter i think it's a step toward the wrong decision and i just look back to the
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last when cabs were added and new companies started flourishing in this city. even at the airport can't even get in. used to be an occasional thing and they have to circle back and don't know if they are going to make it so i don't think it's really a good time to be adding the cabs at this moment. i was now i will buy in like steps like this makes me think if they really care about drivers or any way the
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thing i implore you guys to focus more on collaborating with all of the companies either driver customer cab companies taxi division and put our hands together to be less vulnerable because it's already going on and absolutely not the time to add more cabs. i'm sorry i took too long any way thank you for listening applause. >> good afternoon. one minute really? >> no. >> thank you. brad -- 28 years i have put my name up signed the papers to surrender from
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these hard working people. if any of them live next door to you especially the people who earned their medalions through
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the only occurrence currency that was available hard work i don't think you would go home at night voting to take the medalions they have earned. i wonder what in the world you would have done differently here if your assignment had been to do everything that you could to screw up the cab industry? i cannot imagine what more you could have done i made less than 10 dollars an hour in january i was -- in the year 2011 my cab was occupied 34 percent of the time that i was on the streets applause.
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>> good afternoon. facedown? >> up. >> so in regards to ben's date it's status quo until she has an accident or her dad loses his house because she doesn't have any insurance. what are those pink mustaches some kind of cancer thing? i don't know you tell me. our director said her hands are tied and she can't do some of the enforcements some of the other cities have done who's tieing her hands? i just wondering who was tieing her hands? can
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i have the over head? is it this man here mr. conroy from sill silicon valley. you know i was a commissioner for a long time. i know how hard it is for you i understand your predictments but i'll always be able to live with myself i get to carry that with me for the rest of my life. as far as silicon valley their motto is it's easier to ask for foregiveness than permission. 9 months for the permission to ask foregiveness for uber and the rest of them to come is this the sort of world they want to live in? dr. heinicke
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you have a child would you want your son coming up in a world like that? that's the way these guys are operating and they know they can tie up your hands this is what we're dealing with? >> thank you. >> okay. >> next speaker? ? >> are any of those people here? i'll keep speaking. >> okay. they will get the message. >> so for people who are downstairs, if you hear me call your name, please make your way upstairs. i'll continuing calling names until i reach somebody who's in the room.
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calling names. >> good afternoon sir. >> with respect to the board supervisors. >> could you tell us your name? >> my name is -- i want to say please don't add anymore cabs and i want to say no on adding fees -- here's the proof. by
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the way would you like to know how much money i am paying with the yellow cab and other drivers too there's no need to add any more fees for this. 665 dollars week in insurance we pay the highest in the world. i'm paying seventy percent of my income for these charges. please don't -- add anymore fees to the public.
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which approximately becomes 750 dollars a month please stop this unfair practice. i heard that -- in new york there's no colored skin. why are we paying the colored skin and adding more of these charges? by the way you guys i have great respect for you guys you see the show on the tv that the people are doing a service, please my cab number is 721. one week everybody get in my cab and how much -- i will maybe
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one week i don't care but i want you guys to higher any cab and drive one week and how much money you guys are making and taking home. thank you very much please at think about it. >> thank you. i think several speakers have arrived from downstairs. >> calling names. >> okay. good afternoon sir. >> i don't want -- how much i
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make and how much did i pay so -- >> okay thank you sir next speaker? >> calling names. >> i just bought my medallion maybe 3 or 4 months ago i just waited 12 years to buy the medallion i'm happy i bought the medallion at that time but i see now you guys are seeing to add more cabs. you are not protecting us. many of my friends told you guys that those companies like uber and side car and mustache i don't know how much insurance they have but
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we pay 8 hundred dollars a month just for insurance i bought a car for 25 thousand dollars but you guys give us only 320 thousand miles and those miles are going to last 3 years only if 2 drivers are working so after 3 years i have to buy another car and spend 25 thousand dollars? i mean you have to think about it nobody mentioned that but this is very important. i just bought my medallion and in 3 years i have to spend again 25 thousand dollars to buy a car plus the business is going down and you guys are adding caps. first you have to solve the problem with uber, side car and mustache and other kinds of companies. they are operating as illegal because they don't have any regulations. thank
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you. >> thank you. >> calling names. >> i used to drive also 10, 12 years ago then the last 4 years since you guys takeover the taxi business i see it's a big operation between taxi drivers and mta i think you should find a way to work together with the driver's drivers because every decision you guys are taking benefit goes to city and taxi company owners. you want to charge the city of san francisco and our people and our drivers we got the insurance taking people as a taxi drivers while you guys waiting for some guys getting
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hurt and what are you going to tell the whole world? one of the mustache or regular people drives their own cars? so i think you should consider fixing some problems and dealing with the taxi drivers and get together with the taxi drivers thanks. >> thank you sir applause. >> is kenny wake here kenny? calling names. >> yeah please. >> hi everyone my name is kenny and today i have a few things to say to you guys. first we we need no electronic -- it's invading our customers privacy.
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we keep circling around without making any money. there is a lot of times we're stuck in traffic. we need to have you guys doing something allowing us to make -- on market street or mission street it's much more easier to get out of the area. you are stuck in traffic with no customers and customers waiting for us and third ly i think it should be a suggestion that you guys can allow bus stations to have a drop off and pick up for taxi s allow customers to press button to call a cab so everybody can wait over there so they don't have